Perfect Little Lies (wewereinfinite6) wrote,
Perfect Little Lies

I wanted to be something that's different...

Something you said you would change in me...

I'm sorry for becoming this monster. And I know why you all left me here. Because I would leave me here too if I saw me and knew of my cold heart. I want to be loved. But lust is different and I'm learning that. I'm learning, really. I want to be strong but not this. Not some awful bitch that deserves no recognition. I want to be me, not them or what I envy, love, or hate. But I don't know who I am just yet. I need time to breathe. I need to be free. I need you all back. I can't say that I'm so innocent because I'm guilty as sin when it comes to all of this. But I'm ready to make a change. For the better. For good.
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